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OSlash Lines

30x less typing,
100x more impact

Use OSlash text expander to create canned responses and fly through everyday communication

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Automate routine emails and messages

Insert canned responses for standard questions in one click. Tackle repetitive queries faster, without wasting time typing manual replies.


Personalize your preset replies

Use rich-text formatting, images & dynamic macros to create canned responses that feel personal, not mechanical.

Keep templates at fingertips, literally

Templatize answers to save time, effort, and busywork. Build a repository of consistent canned responses for everyone with workspace snippets. 

OSlash Template Library

Automate what you type
Reclaim your time.

Save ~30 hours a month across your workspace

Works wherever you do

Tab management -oslash

Create great templates and insert them wherever you work

Set it up in seconds

Effortless Integration - oslash

Download the extension, create your workspace, and OSlash

Share with your team

Effortless Integration - oslash

Share the templates to save time & maintain consistency

Forget repetition.
Rely on automation.

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