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Extension Developer


Job Brief

We're looking for engineers who have experience working with browser extensions and know their way around DOM APIs.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience working with chrome extensions, someone who can understand debug and develop a fairly complex extension (for example Grammarly)
  • Has a good grasp of TypeScript, can build easy-to-use type systems using TypeScript
  • Knows React well, and can spot good/bad patterns by looking at code.
  • Experience working with Rich Text, Snippets uses ProseMirror to format and display rich text, experience with the same is a huge plus
  •  Cross-browser knowledge, our product promises support for all major browsers, you will be developing solutions that work across all of them
  • Good at reverse engineering, a lot of what we do is not documented or a well-known territory, if you are good at reverse engineering and learning from it you will be a great fit!
  • Has good product thinking, the smallest details can only be caught by developers we want engineers who get bothered by little things and have the chops to fix them (or get them fixed)
  • We work at a fast pace, speed is important to us but not at the expense of quality

What you’ll get working at OSlash:

  1. Fantastic workplace benefits
  2. Equitable pay and stock options
  3. Opportunity to work alongside some of the best people in the frontend, backend, security, SRE, and design, all sharing the responsibility of building a high-quality consumer-centric product.

Our  stack:

We're 100% serverless!

We welcome using any programming language or framework if it solves the problem in the most optimal way. The team, combined, already holds experience in writing JavaScript/Node.js, React Native, Python, Scala, Java, Ruby, C & Go.

  1. Node.js & TypeScript for the backend, along with AWS AppSync and DynamoDB.
  2. React & TypeScript for the frontend.
  3. AWS for our entire infrastructure.
  4. Serverless to deploy everything as lambdas.
  5. Pulumi for infrastructure-as-code.
  6. GitHub Actions for CI/CD.
  7. Sentry, Lumigo & Checkly for error analytics and monitoring.
  8. Linear for issue tracking and project management (not Jira, so yay).

Read more about our team:

At OSlash, one of our values is to Grow as you go. We believe in hiring smart, curious people who are excited to learn and develop their skills. If you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with the points outlined in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyways. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.


  1. Introducing OSlash
  2. Navigating the new era of workplace productivity
  3. OSlash raised money from Accel and Founders of Notion and Figma
  4. Culture at OSlash

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