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Product Manager, Growth


About OSlash

All your files are links now.

OSlash is a productivity tool that helps people share and access relevant information faster by converting long URLs in to shortcuts that are intuitive, concise, and super easy to recall.

By sharing one source of truth for all kinds of information, we make it easier for people to collaborate, share, and contribute to a growing knowledge base within the organization.

Traction and backing

  1. Our customers include Twitch, Miro, Intercom, Twitter, and others. Our users love using OSlash for their productivity and also take it workplace.
  2. We're backed by the best funds in the game (Accel Partners) and a world-class group of founders, operators, and angels such as Akshay Kothari, COO of Notion and Dylan Field, CEO of Figma.
  3. Our market is enormous, and our product is growing - this is important as you'll have nearly instant feedback on the features you'll be building or the growth experiments you'll be running.

Why join now?

  1. We are a small team - so there is a lot of room to contribute and grow.
  2. Users love us - People use OSlash every day. The work you'll do will directly impact some of the top companies in the world.
  3. Speed and learning - You will build, break and repeat. Almost every week - you will release something new.

About this role

If you are reading about this opening, you know about links. We are building a full-stack workplace search software for businesses. We're looking for a full-stack growth marketer who will make this their mission.

As our first growth hire, your main objective is to accelerate the growth of OSlash user adoption - starting from acquiring the users to converting those into paid subscriptions.

To be successful in this position, you’ll need to be highly comfortable analyzing product usage data, looking at activation and retention funnels, running experiments and optimizations, and working with design and engineering to prioritize the highest-impact growth initiatives.

You'll be reporting directly to CEO and be working closely with all the early members of the company.

Your responsibilities would include

  1. Develop a comprehensive, full-funnel demand generation strategy
  2. Set a tone of high standards, customer obsession, and data-driven decision making
  3. Improve onboarding and activation rates (we have a bunch of ideas, and soon you will, too)
  4. Create plans to increase TOFU.
  5. Implement Product Led Growth principles inside the company.

What we are looking for:

  1. +5-7 years experience in a growth role at a B2B SaaS company using freemium or free trial user acquisition strategies.
  2. You have a passion for and experience in building excellent workplace software.
  3. Have a consistent history of delivering measurable results for both users and the business.
  4. Highly analytical and data-driven: terms like CPA, CAC, LTV, CRO, AARRR, and cohort analysis are already part of your vocabulary
  5. Experience using A|B testing tools

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