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Senior Frontend Engineer

Bengaluru, IN

OSlash is a workplace productivity suite that works across all platforms - web, browser extension, mobile & desktop.

What we are looking for:

  • Strong JavaScript & TypeScript skills (you’ll also be working on cutting edge libraries like NativeBase, urql, react-hook-forms, react-query, zustand, etc.)
  • Core technical chops are a must; we immensely value those who can jump in, get their hands dirty and understand how it all works under the hood
  • Engineers who are willing to wear the user’s shoes while consciously solving problems and crafting unique experiences
  • Engineers who value a high bar for their work and for their team
  • Engineers who deeply care about the business impact of what they’re building
  • A balance between craft, speed, and impact on the bottom line

What you’ll get working at OSlash:

  • Fantastic workplace benefits
  • Equitable pay and stock options
  • Opportunity to work alongside some of the best people in the frontend, backend, security, SRE, and design, all sharing the responsibility of building a high-quality consumer-centric product.

Our frontend stack:

  • 100% TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • Expo (for the mobile app)
  • In-house Design System based on Tailwind CSS
  • Custom Webpack-based development environment for the browser extension
  • GitHub Actions for CI/CD
  • Vercel for preview deployments
  • RainforestQA and Playwright for automated tests

Reach out to us if you love:

  • Building open source projects (check out our budding open-source org at
  • Learning and implementing the latest and greatest JavaScript features
  • Experimenting with new frameworks
  • Building user interfaces that work across platforms like browser extensions, web & native apps
  • Building amazing user experiences with accessibility & productivity in mind
  • Writing testable code with solid unit tests & code coverage
  • Documenting UI Components with Storybook & writing stories to help the rest of the team adopt the components
  • Writing CSS :sparkles:

Sounds interesting?

If this sounds like something up your alley, please solve this assignment and send your solution to

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