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Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SSRE)

Bengaluru, IN

About OSlash

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About the Role

We are looking for a highly-skilled test automation engineer to join our team of raging coffee enthusiasts in Bangalore. Become a part of a bunch that is relentless in imagining and building an exciting new future of knowledge-sharing. 

OSlash is looking to build a team of SREs, and we're looking for our first hire for the team. If you are an engineer with a passion for operating things and a desire to understand full-stack (business down to infrastructure), and you embrace the instinct to code problems away, then this dynamic role is for you! You will become a force multiplier for the entire engineering team by helping them move faster.

Here’s what you’ll do

  1. Improve CI times across the board
  2. Constantly improve internal DX (developer experience) and build a feedback loop to measure it
  3. Prepare teams for on-call and incident management by writing playbooks
  4. Implement devops best practices in logging, proactive monitoring, alerting, CI/CD, observability, etc., using new/enterprise tools
  5. Lead with “Automation mindset” - Eliminate repetitive manual processes by developing necessary tools
  6. Build a complete end-to-end observability pipeline.
  7. Handle production support, change management, on-call rotation, ensure service restoration as per SLA
  8. Partner with various supporting teams to ensure operational readiness
  9. Guide scrum teams on cloud infrastructure design principles to help them design reliable & resilient solutions as per SLOs
  10. Understand platform roadmap and contribute to the platform strategy initiatives
  11. Manage cloud infrastructure for all environments
  12. Drive infrastructure optimization & maintenance activities

We’re looking for someone with 3-5 years of experience as a site reliability engineer, with hands-on experience in production and at scale. You must be a self-starter! Eager to learn new technology trends, and partner with the business teams to ensure technology changes do not impact our customers. You should be proficient in all things AWS & Serverless – AWS Lambda, Serverless & AWS AppSync. Experience with emerging tools like Seed and Architect will be highly valuable with proficiency in one high-level programming language or runtime like Python, Node.js, or Go, with a strong preference for Node.js.

Salary range

₹25L - ₹40L

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