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August 14, 2021

OSlash gets faster and easier to use with each weekly update.
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Firefox support 🥳

OSlash now supports Firefox 🥳. We heard from a lot of teams that love OSlash that they prefer Firefox, and so we set out to bring the same experience to a whole new browser. Our stellar engineering team was able to build it out in under a week, thanks to a solid and future-proof foundation (hint: we're also hiring!)

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • The OSlash Pin is slightly smaller than the last version. We heard from a lot of users that it was a smidge too big, so we've made it a size that works for everyone.
  • When users were invited to an OSlash workspace, we used to create an additional personal workspace by default – we learned from users that this was confusing, so we've stopped creating the personal workspace by default. Having said that, you can still create it yourself.

OSlash your everyday links to everyday words

OSlash your  everyday links  to  everyday words

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