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August 27, 2021

OSlash gets faster and easier to use with each weekly update.
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🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • It is now easier to get into your OSlash collections – a single click of a collection will now instantly open it.
  • We've made it very easy for us to instantly spot errors that you might encounter. This will help us ship fixes faster!


💫 This week at OSlash

      New blog post: Meet OSlash

  • Introducing OSlash. Sharing how our past experiences prompted us to start OSlash. We've elaborated on our vision of creating a multiplayer browsing experience that can ease collaboration within organizations of all sizes. Also includes a look at how far the team has come in bringing this idea to life.

OSlash your everyday links to everyday words

OSlash your  everyday links  to  everyday words

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