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July 28, 2021

OSlash gets faster and easier to use with each weekly update.
Thank you for supporting us.
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We've also been actively listening to user feedback, and so we've given the OSlash browser extension a fresh coat of paint – things are now easier to find and friendlier to navigate. And as always, we've included a whole host of fixes and improvements to make sure you can keep using OSlash carefree.


  1. A new Slack app

Add the brand new OSlash Slack app to your workspace to get all the Shortcut goodness right inside Slack. Note that this feature is being gradually rolled out to customers globally.

  1. Layout & usability changes
  • Your private, public, & shared Shortcuts are now easier to search for and visually differentiate.
  • Quickly find your favorite Shortcut with the new Ctrl + F or ⌘ + F keyboard shortcut.
  • Quickly switch your OSlash workspace with the new Ctrl + Alt + <number> or ⌘ + Option + <number> keyboard shortcut.
  • Now you can invite multiple folks to your OSlash workspace in one go.
  1. OSlash changelog

A new page that will display new product updates and features is now included in the extension. In fact, you're reading this on that very page!

  1. Redesigned browser popup

We've listened to you, and the redesigned browser popup makes it faster and simpler to create a new shortcut or edit an existing one.

  1. Support & help via Intercom

We've added a new help section in the Dashboard sidebar so it is easier for you to reach out to us.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Previously deleted users can now be invited again! We're sorry for this because we sincerely believe in second chances.
  • A new user-friendly error page will be shown when a Shortcut does not exist.
  • Members will be updated about pending invites when a new invite is sent out.
  • Once users log in with the extension, they are also logged into their workspaces automatically.
  • If you were one of the unfortunate few who faced errors while opening shortcuts, worry no more, as we've fixed that for you.
  • A much cooler login page.

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