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September 29, 2021

OSlash gets faster and easier to use with each weekly update.
Thank you for supporting us.

✨ Features

  1. Trending Shortcuts

We've got a brand new tab "Trending" on the dashboard, which will show you the trending Shortcuts of the day. Discover hot new Shortcuts in your workspace using this feature!

  1. Group invites to new users

Now you can invite your friends to an OSlash group even if they’re not a part of the workspace. They’ll be sent an invite link that lands them directly in your group.

  1. Context for collections

Creating a new Shortcut inside a collection is slightly easier now, thanks to some additional context on the page – we now show the parent collection’s name so you know where you are.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Firefox users can now continue using variable Shortcuts in their address bar without hitches.

OSlash your everyday links to everyday words

OSlash your  everyday links  to  everyday words

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