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Get started with OSlash

Whether you want to manage your links, automate repetitive typing, or power knowledge-sharing within your team, OSlash can help

Pin OSlash extension

If you can’t see our extension on your browser window, that’s because if you like it, you gotta put a pin on it📍

Create your first shortcut

Go to a page you visit often. See the address bar?
That’s the long link you can OSlash to a shortcut you’ll easily be able to recall

Create your first snippet

Tired of typing the same text over & over?
Create shortcuts to insert your most-used snippets everywhere you work

Autotype your shortcuts

Link shortcuts and auto-expand text snippets in emails, Slack, Linear, Jira, and more without copy-pasting anything

Create a shortcut for your eyes only

You can share your shortcuts with everyone within your company 🏛️ or save it for your eyes only 🔒

Organize your shortcuts with collections

Think of collections as folders for shortcuts. To add a shortcut to a collection, simply type in o/collection/shortcut and it will be added to o/collection

Tag your shortcuts

Tag them shortcuts based on function, team, priority, role - pretty much anything that works for you

Power through with OSlash launcher

To invoke the launcher, press Alt + J for Windows or Command + J in Mac.
It makes navigating through everything you’ve got going super easy

Save time with variable shortcuts

You can replace the variable part of a link with what you’re looking for.
It can be {keyword} or {ticket ID}, anything as long as it’s within curly brackets

Invite more people

For your work friends and let’s work on our own startup friends who’ve introduced you to good music, great applications, and delectable cocktails. It’s time you returned the favor

That’s it! You’re through the basics and it’s gonna be great
Create shortcuts and join thousands who wonder how did they go so long without OSlash,
just the way we do, every day