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The #1 GoLinks Alternative

We built OSlash to 10x the power of GoLinks. So that you and your team spend less time worrying about the right links and more time working on the right things

The #1 GoLinks Alternative

We built OSlash to 10x the power of GoLinks. So that you and your team spend less time worrying about the right links and more time working on the right things

OSlash = GoLinks + Magic

With OSlash, you pay less for more features. Features that seem impossible unless you experience them. And magical, even after you get used to them

Organize your shortcuts using collections

The number 1 struggle of GoLinks users? Lack of organization within links. 

With OSlash, you can group related shortcuts together into folder-like collections for hassle-free access.

Say goodbye to copy/paste and hello to autocomplete!

Tired of copy-pasting the same go link over & over again? 

Use OSlash to let autocomplete insert the link you need — in emails and your favorite text editors. Share links, blazingly fast.

Let Snippets type for you — 30x faster

Unlike GoLinks, OSlash comes with a text expander to automatically fetch and insert your most-used text snippets everywhere you need.

Type 30x faster and save up to 30 hours a month!

Power productivity with OSlash launcher

Access your OSlash shortcuts, tools, history, and tabs instantly with just a couple of keystrokes. 

Why navigate to the GoLinks extension or dashboard every time when you can simply invoke the OSlash launcher on any screen?

Superfast and super-intuitive UI, handcrafted with o/love 

We designed OSlash to be superfast in speed and quick on its feet — with a very small learning curve. 

The features are intuitive to use and adapt to working just the way you do. Built for humans, by humans.

At a glance —
Compare GoLinks and OSlash

Unlimited shortcuts
Auto text expander
Collections to group related links together
Private shortcuts
Public shortcuts shareable outside the org
Weekly summary email
One-touch access to your shortcuts, tabs, and history
Auto-link shortcuts for sharing in emails and text editors
Interactive Widgets
Essential analytics/insights
Custom (sub)domains
Custom SSO

Why future-ready teams choose OSlash over GoLinks

Razorpay Logo

OSlash is the tool you don’t know you need till the time you use it! No more hopping around bookmarks, I just use o/ for all my and the team’s important links and life is a lot more simple :)

Aditya Morarka OSlash Avatar

Aditya Morarka

Senior Product Manager | Razorpay

OSlash is a productivity compounder that I can’t imagine working without. My team and I spend 90% less time looking for things because of OSlash.

Gautam Shewakramani OSlash Avatar

Gautam Shewakramani

Head of APAC + India | On Deck

My entire job involves constantly switching between tools, and giving people context. With OSlash, we are able to create shortcuts for the relevant resources in the company. It’s the fastest way to get where you need to be for work.

Alex Rosen OSlash Logo

Alex Rosen

Co-Founder | SenseHQ

OSlash has truly brought me and my team a much faster and better way to work. It eliminates hours of time every week by eliminating the back-and-forth searching for links over emails and chats.

Vishwesh Jirgale OSlash Logo

Vishwesh Jirgale

VP - Engineering | Mindtickle
Moving on was never simpler.
1-click migration of existing GoLinks and tags
Personalized onboarding
24*7 customer support
99.9% uptime SLA
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