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The Magical Text Expander you need–

OSlash is a magical text expander that works everywhere you do.
It’s quick to install, easy to use, and completely free.
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OSlash Text expander

An auto text expander
to speed up your workday

Experience the magic of automated text on waving a wand typing a shortcut 🪄

Autocomplete that
takes nanoseconds

Summon content instantly everywhere you work 

OSlash Autocomplete

rich-text editor

Customize snippets with images, code, variables, and macros

OSlash Text editor

 Lightning fast keyboard shortcuts

Find, access, and share information at the speed of light

OSlash Shortcuts

What makes OSlash text expander magical?

Automation that brings your routine messages, emails, and canned responses to life

Ekta Grover
Founder, Supermind
“As someone who sends out a lot of emails every day, OSlash has been a lifesaver saving me a lot of time. It has helped me structure all my information in one place and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Time-saving shortcuts
for exceptional productivity

Enjoy 25% uptick in productivity with simple,custom shortcuts
for your complex URLs

Surface information instantly

Name links using intuitive keywords that are easy to read, retain, and recall. 

Discover workplace resources without asking “where the heck is that link now?”

Share links without

Use OSlash autocomplete to hyperlink shortcuts automatically while typing.

OSlash shortcuts can also be shared just by saying them out loud.

Navigate work at the speed of light

With OSlash launcher, never leave the keyboard again!

Gain one-touch access to all your shortcuts, tabs, and browser activity.

Tejas K
Product Marketing Manager, Plum Benefits
“Many responses are often repetitive, so turning them into canned responses is the best way to save time and not get caught up in endless conversation loops. OSlash, in that sense, saves a ton of time—not just yours but for the ones at the other end too!”

Take the magical shortcut to
10x productivity

Save ~30 hours each month with OSlash—the magical text expander for you & your team.

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