A faster, better, more productive way to work

Get what you want, instantly, with OSlash on your Mac

Never lose a link again

OSlash long URLs to easy, memorable words for you and your team

Intelligent search

Use ⌘ + J to fire up the OSlash launcher. Search through, open, and copy shortcuts in one click

OSlash Autocomplete

Link shortcuts & hyperlink pages without copy-pasting a URL wherever you work 

Text Expander

Automate canned responses, boost productivity, improve customer interactions, and populate messages 

Save ~10 hours a week

With shortcuts to all your important information, stop wasting your time searching for links 

Eliminate repetitive typing

Use the text expander to autotype snippets & populate messages, emails, pitches, & canned responses in one click

Get what you want, instantly

Create a single source of truth for your entire workplace with simple, intuitive shortcuts that work where you do

Common questions

Can I change the keyboard shortcut to invoke OSlash Launcher?

With the OSlash app on your Mac, you can configure the shortcut to the OSlash launcher by making a change in Settings.

Would I need to launch the OSlash app every time my system starts?

No. OSlash Mac native app comes with auto login. This means that OSlash auto launcher would fire up the app on every machine start.

Can I disable OSlash autocomplete?

Yes. With the OSlash app installed on your Mac, you will be able to disable it partially or completely in any of your installed applications.  

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