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Use OSlash
to speed up Safari

OSlash is the most popular text expander plus link management tool for Safari. It’s quick to install, easy to use, and completely free.
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Why people choose OSlash to supercharge Safari

  • Transform a link into a memorable shortcut in just a click
  • Work blazingly fast, switch between apps, and get what you want instantly
  • Share links easily, by merely saying them out loud
  • Autotype hundreds of words in under a second everywhere you work 

We practice privacy by design

To make sure it’s safe, we redact all sensitive information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and then proceed to store all the documents that we’re indexing.

Your trust is paramount to us. All data—in transit and at rest—is encrypted to keep your information safe.

Privacy by design | OSlash

Download the OSlash 
Safari Extension

Start creating shortcuts in seconds with our free Safari extension

Save 30+ hours
a month

Save time, effort, and busywork with shortcuts that summon what you need in an instant and populate messages automatically.

OSlash Templates OSlash discount template
OSlash template
OSlash Template

OSlash works wherever you do.

Get started with OSlash  – it's free