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Design & insert canned responses in seconds
Be prompt; Create, organize and use consistent canned responses to fly through your customer interactions 

Let snippets type for you—30x faster

Summon up content instantly by creating shortcuts to insert your most-used text snippets everywhere you work

Make templates for what's routine

Templatize all routine jobs including outreach, support, follow-ups, and data entry to free up more time for work that matters

Dynamic messages that work

Populate frequently used messages with variables to personalize each interaction


Bring automation to your fingertips

Tweak easy-to-use templates with endless customizability & a powerful rich text editor

The best way to speed up typing

Save any snippet of text on OSlash as a shortcut

You can create o/intro to introduce yourself

Automatically insert your saved snippet wherever you work

You can type out o/intro to fetch your introduction instantly in your emails

With OSlash Snippets, save upto 30 hours a month!
Works wherever you do

Create great templates and insert them wherever you work

Tab management -oslash
Set it up in seconds

Download the extension, create your workspace, and OSlash

Effortless Integration - oslash
Share with your team

Share the templates to save time & maintain consistency

Effortless Integration - oslash

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