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OSlash Lines


future of links

is here

Transform long URLs into simple Shortcuts for you and your team.
So you can navigate through work—in an instant

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Powering the world’s best product teams.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

Shortcuts that are simple, memorable & shareable

Made for you, by you, and delightfully easy to recall, share OSlash Shortcuts instantly - in messages, phone calls, or conversations.

Get to the right pages, instantly

Create super simple Shortcuts so you can go from where you are to where you want to be — in less than a second

Ditch copy/paste; embrace autocomplete

Type in o/<shortcut-name> and watch autocomplete hyperlink it automatically in emails and text editors.

OSlash shortcuts work everywhere you do

Across all browsers & native mac app

Get OSlash on the browser of your choice and collaborate seamlessly

In your favorite apps

With integrations with Slack and Jira, get your resources where you need them

Designed for modern software teams

Trusted by 3000+ teams to supercharge productivity

Gain one-touch access to your shortcuts, tabs, and browser activity with OSlash launcher

Collaborate effortlessly within teams, across departments

Organize and manage workplace links for smarter collaboration, seamless sharing, and max productivity

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OSlash your everyday resources to everyday words and summon what you need instantly

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