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November 22, 2022

We’ve revamped our Mac application and made a host of improvements to make way for a super smooth OSlash experience.

✨ Features

  1. Mac app now 10x better
    We’ve revamped the application from the ground up to provide a 10x faster experience across all interactions. 
  2. Browser extension is now smarter
    We’ve redesigned the extension pop-up to make it more intuitive now. Ergo, it is smarter, faster, and less frustrating to use. We’re lowkey proud of how far it’s come!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Getting started on OSlash is going to be less painful now as we’ve made a few changes to make the onboarding process more exciting and educational. 
  • Go to the dashboard (o/ + enter) to look for shortcuts? Awesome! Now your search will be 3x faster. That means you’ll get more time to spend on work that matters! 
  • You will be able to view and look for keywords within a shortcut description on the dashboard now. 
  • Copying a variable snippet from the extension launcher will now prompt the users to first enter the variables within the launcher itself before copying the content of the snippet.

October 25, 2022

Everyday we’re hustling to make the OSlash experience for you as breezy as we can.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A few of our users received the nudge to download the OSlash extension despite having it in the browser. We apologize for the persistence and have fixed it for good! 
  • Shortcut creation from the dashboard is neater now. Yay. Plus, we’ve made a bunch of latency improvements on extension popup to detect whether a shortcut already exists for a given link or not
October 14, 2022

Our dashboard doesn’t look the same! You can navigate your shortcuts by simply clicking on cards that make everything more fun to read.

✨ Features

  1. Shortcuts into cards
    We’ve revamped the dashboard to adopt a modern, more intuitive card layout. Insights, viewers and other information about shortcuts can now be viewed right within the card by expanding it

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve made some improvements to how top searched terms are ranked to ensure all successful and unsuccessful search terms are captured, regardless of the length of the query

September 27, 2022

OSlash Snippets, our much awaited feature, is now simpler to use. With new capabilities that we’ve added this past week, it’s a lot more powerful too.

✨ Features

  1. Snippets get more visual
    Adding screenshots or images to snippets is a great way to use them for canned responses. We’ve made sure that adding any image to a snippet is a breeze
  2. Drag and Drop variables
    While creating a snippet, you can remove a variable in a single click. You can also drag it around to reposition it and edit the snippet on the fly

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Few of our users who were using Version 15 of Safari encountered issues with logging in and signing up. We’re terribly sorry, and have deployed a fix for the same
  • Our daily summary email is better now as it encapsulates all your shortcuts as well as snippets
  • We’ve fixed the extension crashes that were reported by Chrome users who had disabled third party cookies and were trying to create a snippet
September 20, 2022

OSlash Snippets is available for everyone to use and now you’d get an added incentive to speed up your friends. And here’s us bringing you up to speed with everything that’s up

✨ Features

  1. Snippets for everyone
    OSlash Snippets - our genius text expander - is no more a subject of bragging rights of a few. Now that it’s out of the bag, save enough hours to be snazzy, swanky, and superior  in all your outbound communications
  2. A 15-day free trial
    Starting today, new workspaces will be part of a 15-day free trial of OSlash Expert post the end of which, users will get a chance to upgrade. For more info, you can refer this page
  3. Invite & referral credits
    It’s no secret. You and all of us here want you to speed up your friends. Ergo, from now on for every invited member that joins you on OSlash, you and the user will receive $10 worth of credits. Same goes for when you refer a friend to start using OSlash. What can I do with all the credits, you wonder? Use them to upgrade to the paid plan anytime you want. It’s quite the win-win! 
  4. Quick start videos
    We’ve added a bunch of videos that you can access from your dashboard (o/ + enter) to help you get started with OSlash. We hope you’ll find it super easy to learn how to create and use a shortcut, snippet, collection, and everything we’ve got going.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve made some helpful tweaks to our onboarding. Inviting members is now a lot simpler and no one would need to download the OSlash extension to get started. Of course, to use OSlash, try not skipping that step, maybe?
  • If you visit our dashboard, you’ll see a host of new elements and design changes. You have the video cards, info on time saved, details on credits available to you,
August 16, 2022

We just released our coolest feature yet—no biggie. JK, we’re super thrilled to announce the launch of OSlash Snippets!

✨ Features

  1. OSlash Snippets
    Snippets are text expanders or shortcuts you can use to automate stuff you repetitively type out in emails, pitches, customer responses, blog, or code. Auto text expander now available both on extension and the OSlash native app.
  2. Workspace shortcuts for free-tier users
    In an effort to make shortcuts more secure for free users, we’ve introduced workspace shortcuts and disabled public shortcuts for all users of OSlash’s free tier.
  3. Non-unique shortcuts
    In a cool update, you’ll be allowed to create a duplicate of workspace or public shortcut for your personal use. No worries though - there will be multiple visual indicators in search and address bar to help you make the distinction between similar shortcuts.
  4. Simpler private shortcuts
    You can create and access all private shortcuts without using “o/my”. Bringing the short in the shortcut! 

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Some of you were receiving our daily roundup email twice. Our intention was never to spam you! So that’s been fixed. 
  • Our mac native launcher now scales better on larger displays

August 15, 2022

Get a daily roundup of what’s brewing in your organization—right in your inbox.

✨ Features

  1. Daily summary email
    Stay up to speed with everything that’s happening in your workplace with a daily roundup email that captures: shortcuts created, new members joined, top shortcuts visited

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A lot of users were unhappy with the magic link expiry time of 5 mins. And rightly so. We’re happy to tell you that we’ve increased the duration of its validity from 5 mins to 30 mins
  • You will now be able to add an existing shortcut to a collection by simply editing it
  • The Settings option in the OSlash dashboard has been redesigned so that it’s now easier to access
June 27, 2022

The native macOS app for OSlash is here! Now you’d be able to search through all your shortcuts from wherever you are.

✨ Features

  1. OSlash goes native
    With the OSlash native macOS app, we’ve brought the launcher outside the browser so it works wherever you do
  2. OSlash weekly insights
    With a weekly insights email, get a better understanding of how you and the members of your workspace are using OSlash
  3. Copy & share shortcuts on the go
    We know how you might want to share a shortcut right after creating it. Good news—we’ve got that covered! 
  4. Nudges FTW
    It is now possible for OSlash users to nudge their workspace to check out a shortcut they’ve created 
  5. Import your contacts from Google
    Now you would be able to import your Google contacts to OSlash and make inviting collaborators to your workspace a lot simpler

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • With new improvements, we’ve made sure that opening extension popup and creating a shortcut is super fast and seamless
  • A few of you reported a persistent shadow of the popup on your browser. We’re truly sorry for that but happy to notify that it’s been fixed

May 26, 2022

Some users were not able to login correctly to their OSlash account. This has now been fixed.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

A small segment of users were hit with login issues; we've now fixed those issues.

May 19, 2022

A slew of teeny-tiny bug fixes and extremely minor OCD-fueled adjustments to animations across the product.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Minor bugs that affected a small number of users have been fixed – these include flickers when creating a new shortcut and any troubles faced when creating shortcuts for single-page apps.
  • Sliding animations have now been adjusted to be more seamless and subtle.
May 16, 2022

We’re now giving you even more data about how your teams are using OSlash. We’re also enabling SSO for enterprise users.

✨ Features

  1. Workspace insights
  • We now give you workspace insights into how your teams use OSlash – these are very similar to personal insights launched last week.
  1. Single sign-on for enterprises
  • We’re now enabling configuring SSO sign-ons for workspace admins.
May 12, 2022

Ever wondered if you were making the most out of OSlash? Well, we now got you covered.

✨ Features

  1. Personal insights
  • We now give you personal insights into how you use OSlash – new helpful visualizations help you uncover your top shortcuts, search terms and more.
May 11, 2022

A few Microsoft users were not able to re-login. That has now been fixed!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A small number of users were hit with a few login/re-login issues because of our recent login mechanism revamp. Sincere apologies for that, and we’ve now fixed them all.
May 9, 2022

We’ve now more enterprise-ready than ever with a fully revamped and secure authentication mechanism

✨ Features

  1. Enterprise-ready security
  • We’ve now revamped our login and authentication mechanism and built it on top of WorkOS. This now seamlessly enables many enterprise use cases.
  1. A brand new look for your dashboard
  • We’ve applied a fresh coat of paint for the OSlash dashboard; it looks cleaner and neater now, and switching workspaces is now a tad bit easier.
May 4, 2022

Ready to take our relationship to the next level? You can now make payments and update your subscriptions right inside OSlash.

✨ Features

  1. Billing page
  • Now you can manage your OSlash subscription right inside the app!
April 28, 2022

Inviting more people to your OSlash workspace has now become easier than ever, with direct import from your Google contacts list.

✨ Features

  1. Import Google contacts
  • Want to share the o/love with more people? You can now quickly import your Google contacts to invite them all to your workspace in one go.
April 26, 2022

Had trouble maintaining huge collections? We’ve fixed that!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Some users ran into issues navigating collections with a huge number of shortcuts. We’re very sorry about that, and we’ve fixed it for good now.
April 21, 2022

Now get insights into how your teams are using OSlash!

✨ Features

  1. Workspace insights
  • We now show you insights into how your teams are using OSlash with a dedicated ‘Insights’ page – discover top shortcuts, search keywords and users.
April 19, 2022

Still new to OSlash? No worries, we give you recommendations for pages that are shortcut-worthy!

✨ Features

  1. Shortcut recommendations
  • Our recent work in search has led us to be able to give you smart recommendations for pages that might be useful as shortcuts.
April 18, 2022

Notification preferences to help keep your email inboxes tidy!

✨ Features

  1. New shortcut notifications can be turned off
  • We heard you, and we’ve now implemented a setting that lets you turn off email notifications for new shortcuts.
April 11, 2022

Search is now smarter in OSlash, with automatic suggestions.

✨ Features

  1. Autosuggest for search
  • Search is now more helpful than ever, by giving you better suggestions as you type. This engine is tailored to you and will get better over time – think of it as the Alfred to your Batman.
April 5, 2022

Everything is faster for users in the Indian subcontinent!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Some optimizations have been made to our infrastructure to make many operations really fast for users in the Indian subcontinent.
March 30, 2022

Discover new shortcuts in your workspace via email!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve now made it easier for you to discover new shortcuts – you get a quick email for every workspace shortcut.
March 28, 2022

You can now set a workspace-wide setting to allow or disallow creating public shortcuts that can be shared with the web.

✨ Features

  1. Better enterprise controls for sharing public shortcuts with the web
  • You can now enable (or disable) public shortcuts being shared with the web – this is now available as a global setting for a workspace.
March 26, 2022

You can now get the number of shortcuts and who created them in tags.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Every tag will now also show details of how many shortcuts use the same tag, and who created them.
  • Links to workspace teams and settings are now available as quick links in the workspace dropdown.
March 25, 2022

Watch out Google, here we come!

✨ Features

  1. Faster, better search
  • We’ve rebuilt our entire search infrastructure to be faster, better and more intelligent. In coming months, you will see search becoming more contextual and personalized.
March 11, 2022

Access controls for collections are now easier than ever!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

The collections access controls now auto-save, and don’t require you to click on Save every time. This should consequently save you time!

March 9, 2022

Access controls right when you create a Shortcut

✨ Features

1. Access controls in the Create Shortcut popup

This was one of our most-requested features, and we’re happy that we can finally ship it to you fine folks. When you create a new Shortcut using the OSlash icon in your browser toolbar, you get a quick toggle to pick the right access controls for your new Shortcut.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Shortcuts created by administrators will now get marked with a special flair.
  • The list of Shortcuts inside a collection now include a handy Copy icon. Go forth and paste the world blue!
March 8, 2022

Get Shortcuts right in your Google Search and use keyboard navigation in OSlash autocomplete

✨ Features

1. OSlash in Google!

Your Google results page will now also include relevant results from OSlash. This is actually really cool so check it out!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • OSlash autocomplete now lets you quickly pick a Shortcut by using your arrow keys. Keyboard warriors unite!
March 3, 2022

More reliability fixes in this release!

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve gone all hands-on in fixing a number of minor bugs – including logout problems, better copy across the product, better internal analytics. All of this will help give you a smoother and easier experience using OSlash!
February 24, 2022

You can now customize your OSlash Pin, tab titles and the OSlash-anywhere widget!

✨ Features

1. More settings for power users!

A lot of OSlash power users have been asking for this, and it's finally here – you can now customize the OSlash Pin, o/ tab titles, and OSlash autocomplete to your heart’s content.

February 18, 2022

You can now sort your Shortcuts by the number of hits!

✨ Features

1. Sorting Shortcuts

Looking to find the most popular Shortcuts? You can now do that by sorting your Shortcuts list by the most hits.

February 16, 2022

Everything is a little bit faster

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve made some changes to how we cache your stuff, so everything – looking up Shortcuts, getting a list of all your Shortcuts, etc. is all a little faster.
February 10, 2022

The Create Shortcut popup is now more reliable and robust

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • The browser popup you use to create shortcuts has been a wee bit unreliable, leading to frustration for some users (and for us). So we took a step back, took a long hard look at how we’ve built the whole thing, and decided to rewrite it so it will work more reliably and allow us to patch it faster if something goes wrong.
February 8, 2022

Now quickly know the access levels for each Shortcut at a glance

✨ Features

1. Access level indicators for Shortcuts

We’ve added access level indicators for your Shortcuts so you can quickly tell if its a workspace, private or a public Shortcut. 

January 19, 2022

Help has a new home!

✨ Features

1. Announcing our new help page on the website!

We went all out on making it easier and quicker to find help, just in case you were wondering how to do something with OSlash. Go check it out at and let us know what you think!

January 11, 2022

You can now organize your Shortcuts with tags!

✨ Features

1. Shortcut tags

You can now tag your Shortcuts to logically group them. Mixing your hobbies and your professional life in your same workspace? Worry not, now you can add tags like #hobby, #reading, #puppies, #work to neatly organize your growing list of Shortcuts.

December 30, 2021

We’ve finally managed to fix a bug where the Create Shortcut popup would rarely not save your Shortcuts. *wipes sweat from collective forehead*

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve had sporadic reports from users of the Create Shortcut popup suddenly breaking and not saving Shortcuts. This is unacceptable, and we spend literal days tracking this down, as we couldn’t initially replicate this ourselves. We finally managed to figure it out, and the team has figured out a neat solution for this. We’re very sorry for the Shortcuts we stopped you from creating, and we sincerely hope you accept our apologies and this release.
December 27, 2021

You asked, and we are now delivering! This release now supports logging in with your Microsoft account too. In addition, you can now also use magic links to sign in, if you find using passwords a hassle.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Users using Microsoft Single Sign-on can now use their MS account to log in to OSlash.
  • Users can also log in using “magic links” – they’re short-lived login links that get emailed to you, without requiring you to enter passwords. What a time to be alive!
December 24, 2021

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got a ton of very exciting new features – Public Shortcuts and Shortcut recommendations

✨ Features

1. Share the o/love

OSlash now lets you create your shortcuts with everybody; even people not using OSlash (although, we strongly believe they should).

2. Get recommended Shortcut names

Tired of coming up with names for Shortcuts? Worry not, we now have you covered. When creating Shortcuts, you get instant recommendations from OSlash now.

3. Apple Sign-In

Users on Apple devices can now also use Apple Sign-In as an authentication mechanism.

December 20, 2021

We’ve silently rewritten a big chunk of our code to make it easier to push new features faster

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

A big rewrite we’re internally dubbing “v2”, which changes a lot of our core bits behind the scenes to something much more powerful and easier to maintain.

December 6, 2021

We’ve made a few small bug fixes to the Safari flavor of the extension

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

The preferences pane for the Safari extension would sometimes not open. Sorry for the trouble, but this has now been fixed.

December 4, 2021

We’ve got some amazing news for macOS users!

✨ Features

1. Let’s go on a wild Safari!

OSlash now works on Safari too! The team has put in a ton of work to port the OSlash extension to a third new browser, and it is finally available on Safari! Now even more users would be able to enjoy productivity from the comfort of their browser of choice.

November 25, 2021

We’ve made a few small bug fixes to the OSlash extension

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

The OSlash pin would sometimes not activate after installing the extension. This has now been fixed.

November 23, 2021

We’ve made it easier to find all your OSlash settings

✨ Features

1. One Settings to rule them all

Starting this release, we’ve moved all your settings to one easy-to-find location.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A new “Delete” option is now available in your “Edit Shortcut” form.
  • A few users were unfortunately hit with a problem where when they tried to log in, they were taken to our landing page. We’re very sorry, and this has now been fixed.
December 18, 2021

We’ve improved the app’s reliability by fixing very minor bugs

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • All Chromium-based browsers can now install the OSlash extension.
  • When accessing a Shortcut that is already open, we’ll now switch you to that tab instead of opening it again.
December 10, 2021

Our real-time notifications system pulled off a Hamilton and is now ludicrously fast!

✨ Features

1. A revamped notifications system

We’ve rewritten our real-time notifications system with a fresh new backend, and it is now multiple times faster than before.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A few old features that were no longer being used were removed, helping us clean up some cruft.

November 3, 2021

We’ve put the OSlash pin on a diet so it is leaner and faster. We’ve also made a few quality-of-life improvements

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • The overall size of the OSlash pin has been reduced by a lot, so the first start-up of the pin should now be really fast.
  • Cmd + U is a reserved shortcut on some browsers and operating systems, so we are instead using Cmd + Shift + U as the default shortcut to invoke our browser window.
November 2, 2021

Users can now log in with their Microsoft account!


1. More log-in options

In addition to Google accounts, we now support signing up and logging in with your Microsoft account as well. More log-in options are on their way!

October 21, 2021

We’ve made a few performance improvements to how we handle navigations

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

All links are now pre-fetched intelligently before you are about to click on them. We won’t accept or deny that this is some kind of dark magic.

October 20, 2021

We’ve made a few performance improvements to how we load data on the dashboard

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Static assets like fonts and images are now intelligently preloaded.
  • Members, groups, and notifications all load faster than before, especially on subsequent visits.

October 12, 2021

We’ve made a number of small quality-of-life improvements and fixes

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • A few specific accounts could not create Shortcuts at times; we’ve finally nailed down this issue and fixed it!
  • The “Trending Shortcuts” tab now shows the number of trending Shortcuts even when inactive.
  • The OSlash pin now moves to a visible corner in your window when you resize it.
  • Under the hood, we were not seeing some errors that a few users reported, so we’ve fixed our instrumentation. You can rest assured that we’re on top of any issues you might run into.

October 5, 2021

We’ve made it faster for users that aren’t logged in to get to their team Shortcuts!

✨ Features

1. Login for protected Shortcuts

If you’re trying to access a Shortcut created inside a workspace, we now show you a quick login screen so you can quickly get to it.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We’ve made our instrumentation more accurate so we know who’s on old versions and who’s on really old versions.
  • We’ve also upgraded some dependencies that were recently discovered to have vulnerabilities in them, so you can continue using OSlash while also being sure your data is safe with us!
September 29, 2021

We’ve got a flurry of small but useful features for you, including trending Shortcuts and group invites for new users

✨ Features

1. Trending Shortcuts

We've got a brand new tab "Trending" on the dashboard, which will show you the trending Shortcuts of the day. Discover hot new Shortcuts in your workspace using this feature!

2. Group invites to new users

Now you can invite your friends to an OSlash group even if they’re not a part of the workspace. They’ll be sent an invite link that lands them directly in your group.

3. Context for collections

Creating a new Shortcut inside a collection is slightly easier now, thanks to some additional context on the page – we now show the parent collection’s name so you know where you are.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Firefox users can now continue using variable Shortcuts in their address bar without hitches.
September 24, 2021

As OSlash is preparing for something big, we’re now fully focusing on polishing the current experience for you

✨ Features

1. o/title in your history

Your Shortcuts are now easier to discover everywhere (including your history and Spotlight if you’re on a Mac), as page titles now use the o/shortcut-name.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • If you were one of the unfortunate few ones who faced trouble installing Slack, we're very sorry. We've fixed that now.
  • A lot of instrumentation under the hood has been improved so that we can get better insights into how you use OSlash. This will help us in building more thoughtful features.
September 17, 2021

Members can now leave a workspace if they want to!

notion image

✨ Features

1. Leave workspace

Users are now free to leave a workspace on OSlash. We still hope you find other workspaces that are useful to you.

September 15, 2021

This quick release just tightens the nuts & bolts underneath the hood a bit to keep your OSlash experience running smoothly

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

Our onboarding experience is now more robust, so nobody is left behind.

September 14, 2021

Never lose your important Shortcuts! When deleting a workspace member’s account, admins will get the option to transfer their Shortcuts to another member

✨ Features

1. Transfer Shortcuts when deleting an account

Admins can now transfer Shortcuts to another account when deleting an account.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Searches are now accurate when you're in rage mode (i.e. all caps)
September 8, 2021

Your OSlash dashboard is now available for use even without the extension!

✨ Features

1. Full dashboard on the web

With this, you can just go to and get a functional OSlash experience in your favorite browser, without the need to install our extension. Of course, installing the extension will unlock the full OSlash experience with all its powerful features.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We recently found out that in the Members section, few user accounts were displayed more than once. We’re very sorry this happened, and we’ve made sure that going forth, there will be no duplicates.

August 31, 2021

The Slack app is now way more powerful, with easy-to-use actions for quickly sharing Shortcuts and useful information like who created them, how many times it has been accessed, etc

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • You can now disconnect the Slack app if you want to, although that would make us incredibly sad.
  • Searching for your Shortcuts is now more robust, and we've put in some extra magic to make sure you always find the ones you're looking for.
August 27, 2021

We've made it easier to create private Shortcuts by default. Also included are small but useful changes that improve the overall performance of the extension

notion image

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • It is now easier to get into your OSlash collections – a single click of a collection will now instantly open it.
  • We've made it very easy for us to instantly spot errors that you might encounter. This will help us ship fixes faster!

August 19, 2021

We've built a brand new widget so you can take your OSlash Shortcuts to all your favorite places

notion image

✨ Features

1. OSlash Autocomplete

Were you wishing OSlash was available in your own favorite apps? Your wish has now come true! With our autocomplete feature, you can now quickly pick and insert an OSlash Shortcut in your Gmail messages and Linear issues. We're also quickly adding support for more apps, so watch this space!

August 14, 2021

We love Firefox and everything that Mozilla stands for; so we now extend the love with a Firefox-compatible version of our OSlash extension! We've also fixed a few issues that users had reported.

notion image


1. Firefox support 🥳

OSlash now supports Firefox 🥳. We heard from a lot of teams that love OSlash that they prefer Firefox, and so we set out to bring the same experience to a whole new browser. Our stellar engineering team was able to build it out in under a week, thanks to a solid and future-proof foundation (hint: we're also hiring!)

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • The OSlash Pin is slightly smaller than the last version. We heard from a lot of users that it was a smidge too big, so we've made it a size that works for everyone.
  • When users were invited to an OSlash workspace, we used to create an additional personal workspace by default – we learned from users that this was confusing, so we've stopped creating the personal workspace by default. Having said that, you can still create it yourself.

July 28, 2021

We're introducing a brand new Slack integration – look up, discover, and share your OSlash Shortcuts with your Slack team

notion image

We've also been actively listening to user feedback, and so we've given the OSlash browser extension a fresh coat of paint – things are now easier to find and friendlier to navigate. And as always, we've included a whole host of fixes and improvements to make sure you can keep using OSlash carefree.


1. A new Slack app

Add the brand new OSlash Slack app to your workspace to get all the Shortcut goodness right inside Slack. Note that this feature is being gradually rolled out to customers globally.

2. Layout & usability changes

  • Your private, public, & shared Shortcuts are now easier to search for and visually differentiate.
  • Quickly find your favorite Shortcut with the new Ctrl + F or ⌘ + F keyboard shortcut.
  • Quickly switch your OSlash workspace with the new Ctrl + Alt + <number> or ⌘ + Option + <number> keyboard shortcut.
  • Now you can invite multiple folks to your OSlash workspace in one go.

3. OSlash changelog

A new page that will display new product updates and features is now included in the extension. In fact, you're reading this on that very page!

4. Redesigned browser popup

We've listened to you, and the redesigned browser popup makes it faster and simpler to create a new shortcut or edit an existing one.

5. Support & help via Intercom

We've added a new help section in the Dashboard sidebar so it is easier for you to reach out to us.

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Previously deleted users can now be invited again! We're sorry for this because we sincerely believe in second chances.
  • A new user-friendly error page will be shown when a Shortcut does not exist.
  • Members will be updated about pending invites when a new invite is sent out.
  • Once users log in with the extension, they are also logged into their workspaces automatically.
  • If you were one of the unfortunate few who faced errors while opening shortcuts, worry no more, as we've fixed that for you.
  • A much cooler login page.