oslash for design
OSlash for Design

Create a home for your design assets

Your work in the form of multiple designs—from social media assets to product screens—lives in multiple links. Use OSlash to tame the URL overload, one feature at a time.

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Enable seamless collaboration — within teams, across departments

OSlash DesignOSlash DesignOSlash DesignOSlash DesignOSlash DesignOSlash Design
oslash variable links


Use OSlash to create Shortcuts to keep one source of truth for every design so that multiple updates don’t need to be sent via multiple links. Update once, have it sync everywhere.

oslash collections

Collections for Design

Organize your work by project, product, or portfolio. Group your Figma files, user test reports, wireframes, and user stories into collections and share them in a click.

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