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oslash for support
OSlash for SUPPORT

Hire, develop, and retain the right talent with effortless employee management

To simplify everything from recruitment to employee engagement, create a central repository of all things people - using OSlash. 

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Top OSlash shortcuts for Human Resources

OSlash SupportOSlash SupportOSlash SupportOSlash SupportOSlash SupportOSlash Support
oslash variable links


Streamline the interview process with shared templates for interview questions and assignments to keep all those involved on the same page.

oslash collections


Share all company resources - policies, procedures, directories, and benefits - in one place. Avoid scattered links to eliminate confusion for new employees.

oslash variable links


Make training programmes and resources easier to access by creating memorable shortcuts to learning platforms and materials for both existing and new employees.

OSlash makes it a breeze to switch among so many apps. And repeat queries on company policies have reduced drastically since we created OSlash shortcuts for all central documents.
We can’t imagine working without it anymore.
And to be honest, neither can the rest of our departments.
Rahul Batra,
HR Business Partner at Capgemini India

How to hire, train, and retain employees
while bolstering their health, happiness, and productivity?

Here are nine shortcuts every HR manager needs
to drive employee acquisition, satisfaction, and growth.
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OSlash your everyday links to everyday words

OSlash your  everyday links  to  everyday words

And never look for a link again
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