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Create a homebase for accounting & finance

Keep important financial resources at your fingertips. Use OSlash to drive decision-making based on the company’s financial health at all times.

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Shortcuts to better financial management

Replace URLs for important financial information with OSlash shortcuts. Find, access, and track all plans, budgets, accounts & reports with ease

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"Simple creation of shortcuts on trackers and stand-up links and sharing them with colleagues are the best value adds. Text Expansion feature is also immensely great. OSlash is solving link management for me and saving me time."

Snippets that skyrocket productivity

From simplifying bookkeeping to generating periodic reports faster: Use OSlash to free your Finance team for high-value tasks

Discover how Finance teams like yours are using OSlash shortcuts to be 10x more productive.

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Stay on the right track; streamline all things finance.

Your Finance team deserves the fastest way to work.

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