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Make your SaaS tools, systems, networks, devices & apps easier to access. Keep operations running smoothly with handy OSlash shortcuts.

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oslash for support

Shortcuts to successful troubleshooting

Replace URLs for all IT documentation with OSlash shortcuts. Stay on top of support, system monitoring, and cyber security

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"OSlash helps you create a shortcut to any URL without the hassle of Bookmarking or having to use the same browser or the scare of losing when your system crashes. Plus it’s easy to share the same with other team members."

Snippets that accelerate IT support

From handling support requests to ensuring data security: Use OSlash to automate everyday typing for your IT team

Discover how to ensure data security. Check out our step-by-step guide to achieving SOC 2 certification for your startup.

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Minimize gaps in security & support, keep ops running like clockwork

Your IT team deserves the fastest way to work.

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