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What are collections?

Collections are like folders of shortcuts. The best part about them is that they can be reached just the way you access a shortcut using o/collection-name in the address bar of the browser. 

Collections help you group related shortcuts together. 

For example, the collection o/blog would direct you to the OSlash dashboard where you would be able to view all the blogs written within the company. 

The collection o/onboarding can also help every new employee go through the resources related to their onboarding in one place, knowing they would have this information at their fingertips even in the future. 

To add a shortcut to a collection, simply OSlash a page to o/collection-name/shortcut. 

For example, to add a blog on productivity tips to the blog collection, just OSlash the page to o/blog/productivity-tips. You need not have created the collection before to add a shortcut to it. You can create it as you go. 

Note: Shortcuts in OSlash can be nested only once. That means that for now, each shortcut can only be added to a single collection. 

Access levels

You can decide whether the collection you create is accessible only to you, to your entire workspace, a custom group of members, or publicly to anyone on the web. All private shortcuts are saved to o/my collection. 

Getting started

🪄 Tip: To quickly add a shortcut to a collection after installing the OSlash extension, visit the said page and use cmd/alt+shift+u on your keyboard to pop the OSlash extension window open. Then simply OSlash the page to o/collection-name/shortcut. 

Best Practices

  • You can add a shortcut to a collection if you are sure to visit the collection more often than the underlying page
  • It is a good practice to keep collection names short and easy to remember so that everyone in the workspace can know what it is all about
  • Follow common nomenclature across sets of collections shared by teams and departments for recurring collections