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What is a group?

A group, as the name suggests, is a group of team members who can be given access to a collection at once.

They make it easier to share collections as they obliterate the effort of locating each individual member in a workspace while sharing a collection with them. 

Groups are also especially helpful if multiple teams share a common workspace. 

For example, if you have a workspace shared by members from all teams including Finance, IT, HR, Engineering, Design, Marketing, Customer Support etc., you can create one group for each team. 

This way, you can give access to o/design collection to everyone in the Design group that might consist of the 10 members of your company’s Design team.

Of course, a group does not have to have members of one team only. 

You may want to combine both the Design and Marketing team members of your company into a group to share the collection o/branding-guidelines or o/website-assets with them, for example.

Likewise, the Engineering and Design teams may be grouped together to share a collection like o/product-design.  

Learn more about how to create a group in OSlash here.