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What are the OSlash widgets?

OSlash has two widgets there to make your experience more productive and a lot more delightful. 

They have been designed to deliver value to you where you work. 

OSlash Pin

OSlash Pin is our assistant widget that helps you discover shortcuts on the go. The Pin reveals the shortcut to the page you are on, activating only on pages that have been OSlashed either by you or a member of your team. 

It is the circular widget placed at the bottom right corner of the page that unfurls for seconds to reveal the shortcut name and then goes back to its original state. 

The great thing about it is that you can move it freely and place it anywhere on the screen. Disabling it, however, would affect your OSlash experience. 

The copy icon on the right hand side of the OSlash Pin allows you to copy shortcuts as a link. When you paste the shortcut in any text editor, the shortcut gets pasted as a link that allows others to click on the name and navigate to the destination page easily. 

OSlash autocomplete

OSlash autocomplete helps you reference your links and snippets without copy-pasting them. 

As soon as you type o/ in a text editor, autocomplete will suggest to you a list of shortcuts you can choose from to directly hyperlink a page or insert a snippet. 

It takes away the trouble of copy-pasting a link or block of text every time you wish to reference one. 

Currently, OSlash autocomplete works perfectly in Gmail, Linear, Jira, Confluence, and Slack. By disabling it, you will not be able to use autocomplete in these applications. 

In addition, with the OSlash app installed on your Mac, you will be able to use autocomplete in any of your installed applications.

As we continue to build autocomplete, we’ll roll it out to more applications as an experimental feature. You may choose to use autocomplete in all of them.