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Who can edit a collection?

A collection can be edited by either the admin of the workspace or the creator of the collection. 

The editors can:

  • change the name of the collection 
  • update the nested shortcuts in the collection (while keeping the name of the collection itself unchanged) 
  • edit the collection description 
  • add or edit tags 
  • change the access settings (add or remove members and groups) for the collection
  • add members who can edit the collection
  • delete the collection altogether

Editing a collection

  1. Open the OSlash dashboard (use o/ + enter in the address bar)
  2. Click on the three dots next to the collection name on the dashboard
  3. Click on Edit
  1. Edit the parts of the collection you want to change


  1. Click on Save

🪄 Tip

  • To avoid confusion, be sure to communicate any significant edits to shared collections with members of your team or workspace, as the case may be
  • While editing the collection, if you decide to delete it, follow the first two steps listed above and click on Delete (instead of Edit) in the third step