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How to create a variable shortcut?

Here is all you need to know about variable shortcuts. 

Say you wish to create a variable shortcut for searching on Amazon. Essentially it would mean that you would be able to look for an item just by using a shortcut such as o/amazon/iphone. This shortcut would redirect you to the results page that comes when you search for an iphone within Amazon search. 

To create this shortcut, let us break down the steps. 

  1. Go to Amazon and search for say a novel we love here at OSlash - Bird by Bird
  2. Once the search results appear, click on the OSlash browser extension or use ⌘/alt + shift + U
  3. Replace the variable part of the URL with the search keyword

Here replace bird+by+bird&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 with {search}

  1. Give the shortcut a name such as amazon-in 
  2. Click on Save

The shortcut created would be o/amazon-in/search. Now anyone in your workspace would be able to directly land on the “iPhone result page” by typing o/amazon-in/iphone in the address bar. 

🪄 Tip: Variable shortcuts work best for engineering teams using Jira or Linear or Sales teams using Salesforce or Hubspot.