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How to create a shortcut?

To create a shortcut, you would need to install the OSlash extension. 

Creating a shortcut using the pinned OSlash extension:

  • Make sure to pin the OSlash icon on the browser
  • Open a web page you visit often, your company doc or standup link on Zoom
  • Click on the icon, and give the page a name you’ll be able to easily remember, for example, o/standup or o/company-strategy
  • Add a description that tells everyone what the shortcut is for
  • Click on Save

🪄 Tip: The best shortcut names are short, easy to remember, and intuitive for everybody. 

Did you know, you can also create a shortcut without navigating to the extension?

Creating a shortcut directly using hotkeys:

  • Open the webpage you want to OSlash, your company doc or standup link (from the above example)
  • Hit ⌘+ shift + 🅄  on Mac (or alt + shift + 🅄 on Windows). This pops the OSlash extension window open 
  • Give the page a name, for example, o/standup or o/company-strategy
  • Add the description
  • Click on Save

That’s it! Every time you want to visit the page, you’ll just need to type o/shortcut in the address bar of your browser. 

Finding and accessing a shortcut:

There are multiple ways to find and access a shortcut using OSlash

  • You can directly type in o/shortcut-name in the address bar 
  • If you can’t recall the exact name of the shortcut, use our Omnibox Search. Just type o/ in the address bar, hit space, and type in a keyword related to the shortcut that you might remember. Then, choose the right one from our list of suggestions
  • Press cmd+J (on Mac) or alt+J (on Windows) to fire up the OSlash Launcher and navigate across all your search history, tabs, and shortcuts in one place