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What shortcuts come bundled with OSlash by default?

To help become familiar with OSlash, we provide our onboarded users a list of default shortcuts that they can use to instantly understand how OSlash works. 

Here is a list of default shortcuts that new users will be able to view: 

  1. o/help -
  2. o/new-doc -
  3. o/new-cal -
  4. o/new-mail -
  5. o/new-meet -
  6. o/new-slides -
  7. o/new-sheet -
  8. o/mail/{search} -{search}

These shortcuts are visible in the Default tab of the OSlash dashboard. 

Default shortcuts, like normal shortcuts can be edited by both the creator of the workspace and admins. When a default shortcut is edited, it moves out of default to the workspace tab.