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How to delete a shortcut?

By default, only the shortcut creators and workspace admins can delete a shortcut that has been created in a workspace. 

When a shortcut is no longer needed, it can be deleted. Deleted shortcuts are permanently removed from a workspace, their audit history included. This means that users would not be able to open a page using a deleted shortcut anymore. 

This action would also open up the shortcut name to future use in the workspace. Say for example o/roadmap that currently points to a Notion doc is deleted by its creator, then a different Google Doc can be OSlashed to o/roadmap in the workspace. 

🪄 Tip: If the underlying URL has changed or is no longer in use, you may prefer to edit the shortcut and update the URL than delete it altogether. 

Only shortcut owners and workspace admins can delete a shortcut. If you can't delete a channel, find the shortcut owner or workspace admin to ask for help. Deleting a shortcut is permanent, so make sure that you proceed with caution.

Deleting a shortcut

  1. Open the OSlash dashboard (use o/ + enter in the address bar)
  2. Click on the three dots next to the shortcut name on the dashboard

  1. Select Delete and confirm your decision

Best Practices

  • When deleting a shortcut used often within the workspace, please inform all the affected team members
  • If you would like to make the shortcut public or private, you can change the access settings by editing the shortcut instead of deleting it to create a new one
  • While editing the shortcut, if you decide to delete it, there is a delete option at the top right corner of the edit window