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How to disable OSlash autocomplete?

OSlash autocomplete helps you reference links and insert snippets wherever you work, without copy-pasting them. As soon as you type o/ in a text editor, autocomplete will suggest to you a list of shortcuts you can choose from to directly hyperlink a page or summon a snippet.

🪄 Tip: Type in o/ wherever you want to insert a link or snippet and see the magic of OSlash autocomplete unfold. 

Disabling OSlash autocomplete

  1. Go to the OSlash dashboard (use o/ + enter)
  2. On the left side pane, click on the Workspace name
  3. Go to Settings and Members
  4. Select Preferences under the Account tab
  5. Disable OSlash autocomplete by toggling the switch off

Note: Disabling OSlash autocomplete would hinder your full OSlash experience, making it difficult for you to insert links instantly