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How to start as an OSlash admin?

Looking for more information about creating an OSlash workspace or managing your new workspace? This guide is for you, and we’re glad that you’re here!

Create a workspace

First, head to and enter your email address. We’ll walk you through the process.

When creating a new workspace, select what kind of workspace you are looking to create - personal or team.

Create shortcuts and guidelines

To keep your shortcuts intuitive and organized, we recommend creating a naming strategy and setting ready-to-use shortcuts that all new members will have access to when they join your workspace.

  • Create guidelines for shortcut names: We recommend making sure shortcut names are short, intuitive, and easy to recall.
  • Set ready-to-use shortcuts for new members: If you want important information to be at the fingertips of your team, then create ready-to-use shortcuts that your team can access in the workspace. These include—o/roadmap, o/insurance, o/allhands or o/standup, o/payslip, o/esop-policy, o/branding-guidelines, o/holiday-calendar, etc. You can refer to our shortcut templates for some quick inspiration.

Invite people to the workspace

Now that you’ve completed the basics to set up your workspace, it’s time to bring your workspace to life by inviting members to join. Every time a member successfully joins the workspace, the workspace receives $10 in credits. There are a few ways to invite new members to your workspace:

  • Send an email invitation: Enter the email address of the person that you’d like to invite. Once they accept their invitation, you'll see them in your workspace. You can invite them either as a member or an admin.
  • Share an invitation link: Create an invitation link that anyone can use to join your workspace. There are separate links that can be created to invite the user as a member or admin. Each link can be used by up to 2,000 people.
  • Allow email sign-up: By enabling email sign-up, anyone with an email address on an approved domain (like your company's website) will be able to create an account and join your workspace automatically.

Connect OSlash with Slack

Create a dedicated channel for OSlash Shortcuts on Slack, such as OSlash notifications. On the dashboard, click on “Connect to Slack”, select the channel you would like to receive notifications on, and invite everyone to join the channel.

Once this is set up, everyone will be notified whenever someone from the workspace creates a workspace shortcut.

Get members up to speed

Once your workspace is set up, you can share the following resources to help everyone get familiar with OSlash:

  • Getting started for new users: Learn how to create new shortcuts, account, add new collections, or search them intuitively with our getting started guide.