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How to start as an OSlash user?

An OSlash workspace is a single place for all your work links. If you’ve recently joined one, this guide will help you get set up in OSlash so that you can get started. Before you dive in, make sure that you’ve downloaded the Chrome extension and are able to sign in to your workspace.

Fill in your profile

Your profile will help the others you work with know who you are.

  1. Click on your name icon on the top right of the screen
  1. Select “View Profile”
  1. You can upload your photo or select your display name

View your default Shortcuts and the existing Shortcuts in your workspace

Visit your dashboard ( and check out the Shortcuts under the trending and the default Shortcut tabs.

Visit a page you are sure to revisit by typing o/shortcut-name in a new tab and pressing enter.

Learn how to create a Shortcut

Download the Chrome/Firefox extension and learn how to create a Shortcut by watching this video.

You can also immediately learn how to organize your Shortcuts into Collections with the help of this video.

Learn about other OSlash features

Now that you’re set up in OSlash, you’re ready to get started and explore other features.