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How to join a workspace on OSlash?

OSlash workspace is made up of members, shortcuts, collections, and insights. It is where team members can share and OSlash important links and snippets together.

When you join a workspace, you’ll create an account using your email address. You can use the same email address to join as many workspaces as you’d like, but you’ll have separate OSlash accounts for each one.

Join a workspace

  • From your desktop, visit this link.
  • Enter your email address (we suggest using your work email address). Then click Continue.
  • Once your email ID has been mapped, you will be shown all the existing workspaces you are allowed to join
  • You can check as many of them and click Continue

Accept an invitation

To join a workspace that you’ve been invited to, you’ll need to accept the invitation and set up an OSlash account for that workspace:

  • Check your inbox for an email invitation from OSlash.
  • Click Accept Invite.
  • When you continue with Google, make sure to choose the right email address on which you received the invitation.
  • Join the workspace

P.S. Your workspace receives $10 in credits upon your successful acceptance of an invitation.