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What is OSlash universal search?

Imagine a search engine that could retrieve results from the whole of your company’s knowledge base — databases, media, email servers, document management systems, SaaS applications — from everywhere as easily as Google does for everyone. 

That’s what OSlash universal search does. 

By performing instant searches within the enterprise resources, OSlash universal search saves employees hours of valuable productive time. And of course, eases work massively.

It allows anyone to intuitively find everything they need — across all apps in the workspace. So that they spend less time finding information, and more time using it.

Use OSlash universal search to:

  • Discover the power of information at your fingertips
  • Stay connected with what’s brewing in your company
  • Uncover insights you never knew existed
  • Connect with multiple applications you use daily 
  • Find what you need to do your best work - instantly