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What are private shortcuts?

Private shortcuts are shortcuts that are accessible only to those who create them. There are many URLs you visit often or would like to save just for yourself. OSlash allows you to do that without them showing up on everyone’s dashboard. 

Private shortcuts are accessible only to the creator and are nested within o/my collection. You can OSlash any page to create a private shortcut such as o/my/habit-tracker or o/my/reading-list.

Creating a private shortcut

  1. Click on the OSlash extension on your browser or open it using ⌘/ctrl + shift + U on the page you want to OSlash
  2. Click on the Lock (private) icon

  1. Save the shortcut

Note that the Lock icon instantly converts an o/shortcut-name to o/my/shortcut-name. 

🪄 Tip: You can view all the private shortcuts under the Personal tab on the OSlash dashboard or type in o/my + enter to view the entire collection