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What are public shortcuts?

Public shortcuts are shortcuts that are accessible to everyone with the shortcut link. This means that people with whom the user shares the shortcut link would be able to access the OSlashed page, without needing to sign up first or become a member of the workspace in which the link was created.

With public shortcuts, it is possible for users to share their shortcuts such as o/my-reading-list with the web. These help users share branded links with everyone on the web and bring the benefit of public link shorteners to OSlash.

Public shortcuts are only available to users on paid plans (irrespective of whether paid with cash or credits).

A shortcut's access settings can be defined as public at the time of creating a shortcut or editing it. Only the shortcut creator or the admin of the workspace would be able to edit a shortcut to change its access settings to public. 

Creating a public shortcut

  1. Click on the OSlash extension on your browser or open it using ⌘/ctrl + shift + U on the page you want to OSlash
  2. Click on the Globe icon in the extension popup window (It will be selected by default every time you create a new shortcut
  3. Save the shortcut

That’s it. 

To share a public shortcut with well, the public, you can copy the shortcut link these three ways: 

  1. Open the OSlash launcher (⌘/alt + J), search for the shortcut and press ctrl/⌘ + C
  2. Go to the OSlashed page and hover over the OSlash Pin until it opens and allows you to copy the shortcut
  3. Open the OSlash dashboard (use o/ + enter in your address bar) and use the Copy Shortcut icon right next to the shortcut you wish to copy

Once copied, you can paste the shortcut in any text editor to share it with the web. 

🪄 Tip: You can view all the public shortcuts in a workspace under the Public tab on the OSlash dashboard

Best Practices

  • Public shortcuts can only be shared by copy-pasting the shortcut link
  • Make sure the pages you share with web are not private to the workspace you are working in