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How to look for shortcuts using keywords?

OSlash is built in a manner that users need not remember the shortcut names. (Even if OSlash shortcuts may be super easy to remember and/or guess in the first place!)

There are two ways to look for the right shortcut:

1. OSlash Omnibox Search

To use the Omnibox Search for surfacing shortcuts:

  • Go to the address bar and type in o/ and hit space
  • Type out a keyword that may appear in the shortcut name or description
  • OSlash will show you a list of relevant shortcut names
  • Select the right shortcut from the list

2. OSlash launcher

The OSlash launcher is a powerful way of enabling keyboard navigation across all your shortcuts, history, and tabs in the browser. 

To look for a shortcut using the launcher:

  • Press command + J  on your Mac (or alt + J for Windows) wherever you may be on the browser
  • Once the launcher is invoked, type in the search keyword
  • The launcher will return the shortcuts that match the search, instantly

🪄 Tip: Common, well-defined nomenclature across the company can make the search for shortcuts faster and more intuitive.