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How to look for shortcuts using keywords?

OSlash is built in a manner that users need not remember the shortcut names. (Even if OSlash shortcuts may be super easy to remember and/or guess in the first place!)

There are two prinicipal ways to look for the right shortcut:

1. OSlash Omnibox Search

To use the Omnibox Search for surfacing shortcuts:

  • Go to the address bar and type in o/ and hit space
  • Type out a keyword that may appear in the shortcut name or description
  • OSlash will show you a list of relevant shortcut names
  • Select the right shortcut from the list

2. OSlash launcher

The OSlash launcher is a powerful way of enabling keyboard navigation across all your shortcuts, history, and tabs in the browser. 

To look for a shortcut using the launcher:

  • Press command + J  on your Mac (or alt + J for Windows) wherever you may be on the browser
  • Once the launcher is invoked, type in the search keyword
  • The launcher will return the shortcuts that match the search, instantly

🪄 Tip: Common, well-defined nomenclature across the company can make the search for shortcuts faster and more intuitive.

3. OSlash shortcuts in Google Search results

OSlash shortcuts also appear as search results in Google's complementary box, making your search seamless, intuitive, and faster than ever⚡

Example: To search for all content related shortcuts, simply type in the search keyword 'content' in Google and voila, you'll get a list of all related shortcuts in the results