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What are trending shortcuts?

Trending shortcuts in a workspace are the top 30 shortcuts that have been used the maximum number of times in the current date. 

This list is refreshed every day at 12 AM GMT. 

Trending shortcuts are shown to encapsulate what is happening in the workspace. It helps everyone get a rough bird’s-eye view of workspace activities. These shortcuts help everyone get a gist of where work is happening and bring important documents to the surface. 

View trending shortcuts

  • Open the OSlash dashboard (use o/ + enter in the address bar)
  • Go to Shortcuts in the sidebar
  • From the dropdown menu, select 🔥Trending shortcuts

Note: All team members would be able to view the trending shortcuts but they won’t automatically receive access to the underlying doc

Best Practices

  • If you are working on something important, it’s best to OSlash the page and turn it into a workspace shortcut, visible to all the members of the workspace
  • Check out Trending Shortcuts at the end of each workday to get a gist of where work is happening
  • For best results, name the shortcuts such that even non-team members can understand the significance of the underlying URL