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What is a shortcut description?

Shortcut description is a short description of the page you’ve OSlashed. 

It helps you and your team members understand which destination page the shortcut would lead one to. Plus the words used in the description are indexed and that helps in improving shortcut search for times you don’t remember the exact shortcut name.

By default, OSlash fills in an auto-generated description derived from the title of the page. 

You can easily edit the description to suit yourself or even write an entirely new one from scratch. The best descriptions are those that clearly describe the underlying page and has all the important keywords in it.

Example: The auto-generated description for the shortcut to the Social Media Marketing Guide on HubSpot reads - Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide. This is pretty straightforward and easy to understand for everyone.

P.S. Don’t stress too much about perfecting the description. You can also easily edit it later if needed.