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What is a snippet?

A snippet, as the name suggests, is a piece of text online. Just as a short link is an easier and faster way to reach a destination URL, a snippet shortcut is the easiest way to retrieve frequently used chunks of text.

Snippets may be plain text or include customizable form fields, dynamic logic, and integrations with other apps.

Snippet shortcuts let you

  • insert text clippings wherever you need them without needing to copy-paste them over and over again
  • speed up repetitive tasks such as sending the same email or message individually to a bunch of recipients 
  • templatize and automate routine jobs such as outreach, follow-ups, and data entry etc. for sales and support teams
  • save hours of manual busywork and eliminate frustration

Tip: You can templatize snippets with the help of form fields or variable values. These act as placeholders for parts of text that need to be customized.

For example, a sales rep can create a snippet shortcut called o/follow-up with the text copy for a follow-up email to the prospect. The snippet shortcut can include variables such as {first-name} and {last-name} that can be customized once the snippet is inserted into her email editor.