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What is OSlash?

OSlash is an enterprise URL manager that helps teams navigate, manage, and share information by letting them internally name all the important links.

It’s an easy-to-use browser extension that converts long URLs into simple Shortcuts such as o/standup or o/company-roadmap. These Shortcuts can be shared with the whole company, only your team, or can be just for you.

The Company Vision

OSlash aims to create a multiplayer browser that would help teams collaborate. We want to make sure that information (that lives in links) is made available and is useful company-wide.

Working with OSlash

OSlash helps you out in more ways than one:

Speed & Productivity:

OSlash ensures that when you think about a page you want to get to, you can open it in less than a second. There’s no need to search, request, or wait for others to send you a link. You can share Shortcuts (links) or search for information intuitively, to grow more productive together.


With Shortcuts to all the important links within the company, it’s super easy for everyone to have information at their fingertips.


By naming all the internal links, OSlash helps in making sure there’s a single source of truth available for important information. It makes sure employees are not sitting on top of scattered, duplicate, or forgotten documents.