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What are workspace shortcuts?

Workspace shortcuts are those that are accessible to everyone in the workspace. That, however, does not mean that the members of the workspace would get access to the underlying document.

As a workspace productivity tool, OSlash’s primary goal is to manage and organize all workspace URLs and snippets in a central place to provide everyone easy access to information. By creating a workspace shortcut such as o/payslip or o/insurance-policy, you give everyone in the workspace the power to reach and surface these resources instantaneously. 

A shortcut access settings to workspace can be defined at the time of creating a shortcut or editing it. Only the shortcut creator or the admin of the workspace would be able to edit a shortcut to change its access settings to workspace. 

Creating a workspace shortcut:

1. Click on the OSlash extension on your browser or open it using ⌘/ctrl + shift + U on the page you want to OSlash

2. Click on the Building (workspace) icon in the OSlash extension popup window

3. Save the shortcut

That’s all! Now everyone in the workspace would be able to get to the OSlashed page or summon the snippet using o/shortcut-name. 

Note that every time someone creates a workspace shortcut, you can receive an email notification as well as a notification in your company’s Slack with OSlash <> Slack integration

🪄 Tip: You can view all the workspace shortcuts under the Workspace tab on the OSlash dashboard

Best Practices:

  • You can share workspace shortcuts in emails, messages, or by merely saying them out loud to the members in your workspace
  • It is best to OSlash all important resources in your workspace so that everyone can find information easily and quickly