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How to work smarter and supercharge your productivity with OSlash

Thursday, June 02,2022
07:00 PM - 07:30 PM IST
According to McKinsey, we spend 9.5 hours a week finding the right pages & information in the workplace. Learn how to efficiently work with links and surface information right where you need it, when you need it. 
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About this event

You spend roughly 9 hours a week hunting down the right links in your workplace. Whether you end up scurrying through emails, Slack threads, waiting on a teammate to send it to you, or wondering if such and such document even exists, and more importantly, where, it sucks. With OSlash we’ve set out to connect everyone to the right information and resource in the workplace instantly to make teams more productive.
In this interactive, live workshop, Ankit will share: 
  • How much time is wasted in working with traditional URLs
  • How to use OSlash to save time, effort, and supercharge productivity
  • How OSlash fosters collaboration & efficiency within teams and across departments

Meet the host

Ankit Pansari, CEO & Founder, OSlash

Ankit Pansari

Ankit Pansari
CEO & Founder, OSlash