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The secret to Silicon Valley's productivity

Stripe, Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitter — they all have the superpower to fly through a hundred thousand URLs every day, blazingly fast.
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Why OSlash cover

Why choose OSlash

38+ hrs

Time savings
per employee, per month


Money savings
per employee, per month


Uptick in
weekly productivity

Shortcuts to help you power through work

With OSlash, transform all your URLs into shortcuts and make them:
  • easy to remember icon
    easy to remember
  • easy to share icon
    easy to share
  • easy access icon
    easy to access from anywhere in the world

Looking for a good reason to choose OSlash?
We’ll give you six, just to get started

OSlash -  From intention to destination, pronto

From intention to destination, pronto

Navigating to the company insurance policy? As easy as typing o/insurance
OSlash -  Single source of truth

Single source of truth 

Every important file named — to serve as comprehensive, living documents for everyone
OSlash -  Resources at your fingertips

Resources at your fingertips 

The right resources, right away — with search that scans all your apps, at once
OSlash -  A place for all your links

A place for all your links

All your links organized into folder-like collections with tags for faster retrieval
OSlash -  Seamless information sharing

Seamless information-sharing  

File-sharing simply by saying the shortcuts or typing out o/shortcut to reference links automatically
OSlash - Branded Link sharing with everyone

Branded link-sharing with everyone

Greater business visibility with branded shortcuts that you can share everywhere

OSlash empowers fast-moving teams — with fast-moving shortcuts

Product Management

Visualize the roadmap
Write feature specs
Have a launch plan


Create a link for staging
Make a log of all the bugs
Update a Jira ticket

Human Resources

Insurance information
Check monthly payslip
Onboarding doc


Catalog colors, fonts, logo
Design on figma
Have insta templates


Add contact
Organize feedback
Seal the deal


Make a style guide
Track content calendar
Fetch a campaign
case study

How HeadsUp saves 250+ hours every week using OSlash

Discover how HeadsUp, a product-led sales platform, simplified managing worklinks with OSlash — supercharging their productivity and saving hours of their time!
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Choose speed.
Choose productivity

Choose speed. Choose productivity

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