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Organize Shortcuts using collection

Make your team efficient by sharing a collection of OSlash Shortcuts in one click - so you don't have to constantly search for relevant files.

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Create a shared collection where you can add members and groups.

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Create a public collection where everyone in the organization has access.

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Create a private collection where no one has access except you.

OSlash Collections


Boost your productivity with OSlash extension

The go-to productivity browser extension. Create intuitive human-readable Shortcuts to the most frequently-used URLs in just a click, for you and your team

OSlash Variable Links


Search within tools using variable links

Looking for an easier way to search your workplace tools? Use variable links.

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Create variable Shortcuts by selecting and replacing parts of the URL with variables

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Jump through the hoops to directly get to the page you want. Target Jira tickets using o/jira followed by the ticket number: o/jira/42


Fastest way to access Shortcuts

OSlash Launcher lets you access your Shortcuts, tools, tabs with a few keystrokes.

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Search through your tabs to easily find what you are looking for

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Search through your history whenever you make a page or file query to show relevant results

OSlash Launcher
OSlash Analytics


Shortcut analytics at your fingertips

View and manage all Shortcuts from your dashboard. Change logs and usage trends make it easy to keep tabs on everything.

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Track Shortcut engagement, learn more about what your team is building daily

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Get a detailed dashboard that lets you see the trending Shortcuts within the company

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