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The faster, easier, better way to work

Comprehensive features that make OSlash the go-to platform to infuse productivity & collaboration in the workplace


OSlash a page with a single click 

Transform long URLs to simple shortcuts that are intuitive, short, and super easy to remember. 

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Create a shortcut so that your whole team can reach the page outrageously fast

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Turn on the private switch to create a shortcut for your eyes only

Oslash Pop up to create a shortcut

OSLASH Snippets

Forget repetition; rely on automation

Create shortcuts to your frequently used text snippets and insert them automatically everywhere you work. Eliminate your mundane, mind-numbing, and repetitive tasks. 

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Speed up workflows by never typing the same thing twice

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Save hours spent copy-pasting text over and over again

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Templatize routine jobs including outreach, follow-ups, and data entry

OSlash Analytics
OSlash Collection


Organize your shortcuts using collections

Structure all the important links in your workspace in neat folder-like collections that come with their own shortcuts. We’re bringing hierarchy back to all your information!

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Create a shared collection where you can add members and groups

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Create a public collection where everyone in the organization has access

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Create a private collection where no one has access except you


Boost your productivity with OSlash extension

The go-to productivity browser extension. Create intuitive human-readable shortcuts to the most frequently-used URLs in just a click, for you and your team

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OSlash Variable search


10x your productivity with variable shortcuts

Find an easier way to go to your Jira tickets or Linear issues with variable shortcuts

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Create variable shortcuts by selecting and replacing parts of the URL with variables

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Stop jumping through hoops to directly get to the page you want. Target Jira tickets using o/jira followed by the ticket number: o/jira/42


The fastest way to use OSlash

Power productivity with OSlash launcher that lets you access your OSlash shortcuts, tools, history, and tabs with keyboard strokes.

Mac command
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Search through your tabs to easily find what you are looking for

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Search through your history whenever you make a page or file query to show relevant results

OSlash Launcher


Search for pages, intuitively 

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Type o/ and press space to enable Omnibox search directly in the address bar of your browser

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Look for the right page even when you don’t remember the exact shortcut by using keywords

OSlash Analytics


All your shortcuts in one place

Edit shortcuts, collections, and groups; and track shortcut usage/analytics to keep track of everything that’s happening


All your Shortcuts in one place

Manage all the Shortcuts in your workplace on your OSlash dashboard. Type o/ and press Enter to come here

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Edit Shortcuts, collections, and groups; and track Shortcut usage/analytics to keep track of everything that’s happening

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Track Shortcut engagement to learn more about what your team is building daily

OSlash dashboard


Shortcut analytics at your fingertips

View and manage all Shortcuts from your dashboard. Change logs and usage trends make it easy to keep tabs on everything.

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Track Shortcut engagement, learn more about what your team is building daily

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Get a detailed dashboard that lets you see the trending Shortcuts within the company

OSlash Analytics


Multiple workspaces for you and your team

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Team Workspace

Create a workspace with people in your organization to get everyone on the same page.

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Personal Workspace

Create a private workspace to keep a track of everything that is important.

OSlash your everyday resources to everyday words

And summon what you need instantly

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