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Create shortcuts that everyone remembers

Transform your most-used links & snippets into simple shortcuts—for you & your team. 


Summon what you want, instantly

From web pages to frequently-used snippets, find, access, and share work blazingly fast.


Keep all your information within reach

Access work using shortcuts you know. And if you don’t, let our search show you the way.


Autotype snippets 30x faster

Ditch the busywork with shortcuts that expand into full-fledged snippets as you type.


Powering the next generation of productivity

OSlash testimonial

My entire job involves constantly switching between tools, and giving people context. With OSlash, we are able to create shortcuts for the relevant resources in the company. It’s the fastest way to get where you need to be for work.

Alex Rosen OSlash Logo
Alex Rosen
Co-Founder, SenseHQ
OSlash testimonial

OSlash is a productivity compounder that I can’t imagine working without. My team and I spend 90% less time looking for things because of OSlash.

Gautam Shewakramani OSlash Avatar
Gautam Shewakramani
Head of APAC+India, On Deck
OSlash testimonial

OSlash is the tool you don’t know you need till the time you use it! No more hopping around bookmarks, I just use o/ for all my and the team’s important links and life is a lot more simple :)

Aditya Morarka OSlash Avatar
Aditya Morarka
Senior Product Manager, Razorpay
OSlash testimonial

As an engineering leader, I am always switching links between reports, deadlines and budgets. OSlash helps me make shortcuts to my most important links and share it with my team. OSlash is my default way of sharing links now.

Jitendra Agarwal avatar for OSlash
Jitendra Agarwal
Global CTO, CARS24
OSlash testimonial

OSlash has truly brought me and my team a much faster and better way to work.

It eliminates hours of time every week by eliminating the back-and-forth searching for links over emails and chats.

Vishwesh Jirgale OSlash Logo
Vishwesh Jirgale
VP - Engineering, Mindtickle
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Powering all modern workplaces — from 1 individual to 1000+ teams

Surface information instantly & fast-track conversions
Create templates for frequent messages using snippets
Keep all your sales collaterals at your fingertips
OSlash for remote teams
Create & access support tickets swiftly using shortcuts
Use canned responses to answer FAQs at lightning speed
Speed up issue resolution with snippets for happier customers
OSlash for engineering
Create quick, central shortcuts to set up a single source of truth
Switch rapidly between links & apps without losing context
Track bugs easily with a central place to log all errors
OSlash for marketing
Streamline marketing efforts with all deliverables in one place
Templatize emails, posts & promotional texts to work 30x faster
Keep everything from brand guidelines to content calendar a click away
OSlash for product
Provide easy access to shared docs with memorable shortcuts
Create shortcuts to roadmaps & PRDs to align everyone to the same goal
Bring survey templates, forms & results together to build delightful solutions
OSlash for sales
Use shortcuts to keep designs within intuitive reach for all teams
Simplify collaboration by creating a homebase for all design assets
Iterate & improve faster with a single source of truth for design feedback
OSlash for design
Simplify employee onboarding with all company resources in one place
Streamline recruitment & employee advocacy with quick templates 
Create memorable shortcuts to learning platforms & materials
OSlash for HR
Save everyone ~9 hours a week with information at their fingertips
Help everyone stay on top of company-wide activity and updates
Bring all onboarding resources together with a go-to o/onboarding collection
OSlash for IT

OSlash shortcuts work everywhere you do

Experience the fastest way to navigate the modern workplace

In your favorite apps

With integrations with Slack and Jira, get your resources where you need them

OSlash for your favorite apps
Across browsers

Create & access shortcuts across every browser
of your choice - from Safari to Chrome

Add to your browser
Download OSlash for your browser

Collaborate effortlessly within & across teams

Enjoy split-second information exchange by bringing company-wide knowledge in one place.

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OSlash your everyday resources to everyday words

And summon what you need instantly

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