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OSlash = We + You

OSlash is home to engineers and artists, dreamers and misfits, newbies and pros,
here to shape the future of work, collaboration, and productivity — one Shortcut at a time.

Join us to help the world work better!

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Take the shortcut to o/happiness 

OSlash your career to have the right shortcuts to flourish in the next (perhaps the best) phase of your life

You’ll continuously learn & grow with amazing teammates who truly believe surviving is important, thriving is elegant.


By helping each other out, you’ll learn that making mistakes and making progress go hand-in-hand as long as you’re having fun. 


It’s always crazy town in the OSlash HQ where you’ll be chasing delicious food, latest games & exciting hangouts. 


You will give your 💯 & ❤️ to the product, the team, the process, and most importantly, the users who will return it tenfold. 


We started out to create a solution for our own challenges. And it's no wonder we're obsessed with what we're building. We wish to do the right things, both for the user and the team. With one expectation: we want to have oodles of fun while at it.

Our workdays reflect our product: we incorporate fun and learning; we infuse wonder and excitement; we create experiences that amaze and delight.

Our Values

Our values are the underpinning for all that we do at OSlash

Make sure to always do what’s right

Our creed is to always do what’s right - for the team and our users. We wish to go to sleep every day knowing we did all we could to leave the world just a tiny bit better than before. 

Seek feedback in everything you do

In the endeavor to build an awesome product, write the perfect script, and become our best version, we rely on continuous feedback. We consider it a gift to grow and get better. 

Bring your quirks to your work

We embrace the whimsical in all of us. We make sure all the weird parts come together to make for a super interesting whole with its own unique strengths, eccentricities, and values. 

Create just a little bit of magic

We want to be people who consistently raise the bar by walking the extra mile in everything they do. We wish to make users gasp in disbelief and our colleagues in sheer awe. 

Throttle sparingly, learn endlessly

We are relentless in our pursuit to create wonderful experiences for the users and ourselves. We wish to be persistent in our growth by learning, unlearning, and relearning every day.

Glorify the big wins, but celebrate the small

We’re biased towards both speed and quality to keep up the momentum, make room for a few missteps, and continue to strut forward with small wins to celebrate every week. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe the best work happens when different people come together to work on a shared vision.

We want to bring together diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives, and ideas. We want to build a culture where everyone has what they need to thrive and where identity is never a barrier to impact.

We’re doing the foundational work it takes to make this a reality. We still have a long way to go but hope you will happily join us on the journey.

Perks & benefits

We want you to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. OSlash offers unlimited paid vacation as well as 10 public holidays a year
Along with competitive pay and stock options, we offer a wholesome medical benefit plan to all our employees and their loved ones
We take our learning as seriously as we do our product! Aim to learn more every day with full access to O’Reilly , PluralSight or Udemy
Enjoy fresh homemade meals, prepared with love by our personal chef! When too full, laze around with Mimi - our office cat who keeps everyone on their toes
Balance & flexibility are key to how we work! We aim to disengage work from a location, balance work & rest on priority, & create the time to have oodles of fun!  
Wish to take a break? Unwind in our fabulous gaming room with a PS5. You can also pick any book you love from our library that masquerades as our office

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