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Sunsetting OSlash: Our decision to cease operations (and what’s next)

After an exhilarating three-year journey building OSlash, we have made the difficult decision to wind the business down. But you can continue using your OSlash shortcuts. Here's how. Here's how you can continue using OSlash shortcuts
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Today comes with bittersweet news. After an exhilarating three-year journey building OSlash, we have made the difficult decision to sunset operations and wind the business down.

When we started OSlash in 2020, our mission was to bring you the fastest way to find information and get things done at work. We set out to save precious time spent hunting for information across scattered systems and siloed data—for over 1 billion professionals in the world.

We started out with OSlash shortcuts, which, despite not finding commercial success, received a lot of user love and amassed dedicated power users, both internally and externally. On popular demand, we augmented the product with a text expander—OSlash snippets—that helped users automate repetitive typing. 

While the problem we tackled remains pressing, we failed to reach product-market fit even after a couple of pivots and build a sustainable business model. Though disheartening, we accept this outcome with grace. Our talented team gave their all, and we're proud of shipping a delightful product that improved productivity and connected insights for many users.

As we wind down, here's what you can expect:

  1. We will stop accepting new OSlash registrations effective immediately.
  2. For existing OSlash users, we are releasing an open source extension where you will be able to download and export all of your existing shortcuts. We urge you to do this latest by 29th November, 2023.
  3. To install the open source extension, please follow these steps:
  • Download the zip file and extract it
  • Open chrome browser 
  • Open extension settings by typing chrome://extensions in your browser address bar 
  • Enable developer mode
  • Click on load unpacked
  • Add the extracted file
  • Pin the extension to your browser toolbar

All user data will be permanently deleted from our servers by November 30th as we shut down completely.

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience to our users. Thank you for all the encouragement you showered us with over the years—it fueled many late work nights and satisfying starts to our work days!

While painful, sunsetting OSlash will allow us to return capital to our investors with dignity and humility. More importantly, we will channel lessons learned into our next adventure.

If you have any questions, please reach out to We're here to help ensure a smooth transition.

Though endings are hard, they make new beginnings possible. The OSlash journey may have run its course, but our mission to build products that make work lives easier only grows stronger. We hope you'll join us again soon as we embark on a renewed quest to delight people.

Onwards and upwards!

With gratitude and grace,
Team OSlash

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