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Privacy by design | OSlash

We immensely
value your
trust in OSlash

Innovate from anywhere with secure and agile IT solutions. From device to cloud to edge, with Dell Technologies you can innovate and adapt like no before so you’re always ready for the next opportunity. The Dell Technologies portfolio delivers  technology to support your business on its journey to digital.

Your trust is at the forefront of everything we do. And we wish to make sure our users feel confident when they are engaging with OSlash’s product—whether it’s via our browser extensions, mac application, or in the future, our mobile apps. From our end, we understand that this would mean providing clear and easily digestible information about all the efforts we take to ensure your information is a 100% secure, safe, and private, even from us! This page outlines OSlash’s first-user principles.

Privacy by design | OSlash

User trust guidelines at a glance

We make money when you upgrade
your subscription—not by selling your data

We’re committed to the privacy & security of your data. We have and would never sell/rent your data to any third party.
We make money only when our users see value in our product and upgrade to OSlash Pro or OSlash Enterprise

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All data—in transit and at rest—is encrypted to keep your information safe

All OSlash shortcuts and users’ data are secured in our encrypted database. For an additional layer of security, it is designed such that no other user (even internal OSlash employees) can connect a particular user to their history – this is done by building a secure pivot table that maps users and their data to their unique ID, with the secure pivot table not accessible by any personnel.

We practice privacy by design

Privacy by design | OSlash

We work with a lot of user data. To make sure it’s safe, we redact all sensitive information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and then proceed to store all the documents that we’re indexing.

This means that OSlash does not see or store anything typed in credit card forms, password fields, URL fields, or fields where similar private information is provided.

We are security-first at everything we do

We protect your data with an enterprise-grade security system. That largely means your data goes through 2048 bit SSL encryption. We’re SOC 2 compliant and frequently conduct third party audits, hackathons, and bug bounty programs to nip any vulnerability in the bud. OSlash’s in-house team of security specialists is dedicated to fortifying the security of our product, infrastructure, and operations. 

We tightly control access to all user data

OSlash restricts employee access to customer data across our network, infrastructure, and services. Only those authorized to access data critical to their work may do so with the “principle of least privilege.” Users can also request us to delete their data if they wish to. Additionally, users can view all the data associated with their account - this includes shortcuts, snippets, and workspace information.