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How to get the most out of OSlash

We’re excited to introduce you to some of our most-loved and useful features
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Welcome to OSlash! We’re thrilled to have you. You’ve just taken a huge step toward obliterating frustration and the extra effort it takes to manage and find all your workplace links. OSlash is sure to make your relationship with all your links, well, better. More delightful. 

Here’s the thing about OSlash: It allows you to do a lot of things. So we wanted to take a brief moment to introduce you to some of our most-loved and useful features. 

First things first

To be awed, delighted, and left reeling once you use OSlash, you'll need to start with downloading our extension from the Google Web Store.

We’ve made sure OSlash is mobile. That means we want you to be able to use it everywhere you go—across devices and web browsers. Apart from having OSlash on all your browsers, soon you’ll be able to use our mobile application so that all your Shortcuts are always handy, quite literally. 

Save all your important pages

Let’s talk about what you can do when you revisit a page often. 

Or when you wish for a page to be the single source of truth for everyone. For instance, your company insurance policy or a document with all the user feedback you’ve received for a particular feature. 

Here's a trick that can make make your life a lot better: You can name your links.

Giving a page a name suddenly brings it more context. It allows you to access, recall, and share it in an instant (visually, verbally, any way you want) - in messages, emails, or even conversations. 

To do so, visit that link, click on the OSlash extension, give the page its name, and click Save. Now you have with you an OSlash Shortcut for everyone in your workspace.  

What to do with that Shortcut?

For starters, with OSlash Shortcuts, you can access the pages in less than a second next time...and all the times after that.

To use the Shortcut you just created, go to your address bar, type in o/<shortcut-name>, and press Enter. 

Sometimes you forget the name of someone you met and well, that’s embarrassing. We understand the limits of our memories all too well. So if you don’t recall the exact Shortcut that you or someone else in your workspace created, you can type o/ and press Space. Then search away with keywords. 

We want you to navigate from where you are to where you want to be at the speed of thought! Even if your usually reliant memory abandons you for some time. 

Shortcuts just for you

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to create Shortcuts just for yourself, you’re not alone. 

On the extension popup, there’s a toggle switch. Just switching it to Private would create a Shortcut o/my/shortcut-name that will be available for your eyes alone! 

Stacking the Shortcuts into folders. Is that possible?

Once you get going, we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll discover and save a lot of pages. You would eventually want to create folders out of your Shortcuts because who doesn’t like giving their information a little hierarchy. 

So we offer collections to help you keep track of everything neatly in folders. Whether you organize your Shortcuts by teams, functions, or some other way, having them links neatly organized into collections that surprise, surprise, come with their own shortcuts is definitely something. 

To create/add a page to a collection, instead of naming the Shortcut as o/shortcut-name, just nest it as o/collection-name/shortcut-name. 

o/collection-name will open the collection with its list of Shortcuts. And o/collection-name/shortcut-name would open the OSlashed page directly. 

Find hidden gems

There are many amazing features in OSlash that will definitely take you by surprise (don’t worry, the pleasant kind). While we would love for you to discover those, here’s one we could not resist blurting out. 

When you have to link a page in your email or any other text editor, you’d search for the page, and then copy-paste the URL. But not with OSlash. 

You can simply type the Shortcut out in your text editor to create a link for the intended page directly. Magical, right?

Wrapping up

Phew. That’s a lot. But we really want to give you the best possible experience with OSlash. It’s our mission to help people regain control of their links and all the information that lives within them so that everyone in your workplace can be brought to the same page. 

We’re always eager to hear from you – so please drop us a line and let us know how we can make your experience better. Enjoy your OSlash journey!

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